From The Line Cook

I have to be honest: I am not an executive chef. On my best days, I might qualify as a sous chef, and many many days I feel like “line cook” would be a generous title.

My culinary limitations are what they are, but I love to cook nonetheless, and I think feeding my family is one of the most practical, but most challenging, ways to show them love on a daily basis.

Have you noticed the rather confounding perspective on food in the U.S.? Rarely do people eat because they are hungry, or because a food provides certain nutritional value. We eat because something tastes good, because we’re procrastinating from real responsibilities, because it’s convenient, because we don’t know what else to do, or because the people around us are eating. Now I’m a firm believer in good food being a crucial part of just about any social setting. But we seem to have forgotten the main purpose of food: it is how we fuel our entire lives.

We seem to have forgotten that our bodies have specific requirements for maintaining health – are we putting more thought into the science of our pets’ diets than our own? We seem to have eschewed all responsibility for our physical well-being and, like toddlers, are obstinately insisting that treats and junk food are not only “sometimes foods.” Who are we kidding? We know better.

But if you, like me, are no chef, how do you take on the never-ending challenge of fueling your family? I’ve found that the key for me is having reliable sources for doable recipes that create great flavor using *real* food. Preparing quality food can be as simple as preparing convenience foods. It can! And even when it’s not, the difference in taste and value totally makes up for the extra effort.

So you probably won’t be seeing much in the way of original recipes from me, because I’m really, at this point at least, not very good at that. But I do hope to share sources and resources and successful recipes that can help anyone show love to their family and neighbors through great food.


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