Why Running?

So how does a category like “Running Makes Me Happy” fit in with the rest of this space? For me, it fits in just fine, because without an activity like running, my ability to give anything to the people around me is rather compromised.

Sometimes I feel a little selfish for taking the time to run. But I’ve had periods of consistent running and periods of total laziness in recent years, and the running times are better. Way better. “Can’t comprehend how I ever fall into the laziness trap” better. And it’s about a lot more than how clothes look, and even than having the energy to play with my kids.

Running gives me a little time (or a lot of time, depending on how slowly I happen to be moving) to think and reflect and focus on my own well-being, my own attitude, and my own actions towards those around me.

Plus, even if I’m unable to think, running outdoors has its own emotional and psychological benefits, and can often be enough to change my perspective even on those days when I’m absolutely determined to be grumpy. Maybe some day I’ll log enough miles to have figured out why in the world I wake up some mornings simply determined to be grumpy. Really, who does that?

However for as much as I can gush about how great it is to run, I haven’t been doing it all that long and I do have days when I’d rather just give it up, so I’m hoping that creating a little accountability about it here will help me push through those days. And maybe I’ll even enjoy, some day, coming back and reading about my absolute and total wimpiness.


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