Running: Two Lists

Things I hate about running:

  1. Sweat dripping (ok, pouring) down into my eyes. Gross.
  2. Nomatter what I do with my hair (braid, ponytail, bun-ish thing, headband) it is in a giant mass of tangly knots when I get home.
  3. Breathing Cramps. Just kill me instead.
  4. Shoes. They are all wrong. Have you heard of the barefoot running movement? I’m joining.
  5. Hecklers. I am not interested in your all-knowing opinion on my form, my speed, or my booty. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Things I love about running:

  1. Time to think. Or pray, or ponder, or sing (only in the first two minutes, after which I’m totally out of breath).
  2. Time outdoors. Have you looked at nature lately? It really is amazing beyond belief.
  3. When I finish the miles I set out to do, even if it totally exhausted me and I feel like the slowest human that ever was, I also suddenly feel like I can accomplish anything, and that attitude trickles down into things I have to get done throughout the rest of my day.

Numerically, they don’t even out. But since the cons are basically trivial physical discomforts, the nature and value of the pros  overshadow the cons easily. And it’s starting to show: after five weeks, I almost look forward to heading out for my runs now!


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