Watermelon Season

It’s watermelon season here in the midwest. The farmers’ market has rows and piles and pyramids and stacks and trucks of watermelons, and I’m taking home more than my fair share.

It turns out that nature has come up with some pretty delicious, pretty nutritious snacks all on her own. And you don’t have to be any kind of chef to make this edible – it’s perfect any way you slice it.


There is only one very important rule when it comes to watermelons: Don’t be wooed by the “convenience” of seedless watermelon. They are imposters that might look like watermelon, but very very often lack the intense color, crystally texture, and beautiful sweetness of a true, seeded watermelon. And besides, you’ll regret missing the chance to teach your young ones how to spit out the seeds. Trust me on this.


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