Look Outside

It’s Monday morning, everyone. The beginning of the last week of summer for many, but don’t despair! Here’s a simple little thing to do today that can change your mind, your attitude, and your day:

Look Outside.

Yep, that’s it. Look Outside. Look outside your car, outside your building, outside your window, outside your cubicle, outside yourself.

Is it sparkling and sunny or raining and grey? Thankfully, we have some days of each.

Are you sitting in traffic and late to be somewhere? Maybe the traffic was caused by an accident. Thankfully, you weren’t involved. Thankfully, men and women embrace the risk of being rescue personnel to help those that were involved.

Are you caring for a sick friend, child, parent, family member? Thankfully, the love you’re showing them can have a real effect on their recovery and provide real comfort to them.

Are your children playing outside? Thankfully, they have an infectious love of life and natural joy. Thankfully, they have you.


Everyone everywhere can find one thing to be thankful for. Find yours.

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