America’s Test Kitchen: The Feed

I’m so excited about this that after I found it, I went to bed because it was late, but got back up to write and post this because I can’t wait until tomorrow to do it. It’s that important.

Have you ever heard of America’s Test Kitchen? They are the best thing that ever happened to my kitchen. I have been a subscriber to their cooking and recipe site for many years, and it is the single source of my all-time most favorite recipes ever. It is worth the subscription cost, every single penny. In fact, don’t tell them, but I would pay more. The recipes are that good (and the lack of advertising and the fact that I don’t have to sift through 800 different versions and 800 more reviews in order to find one good recipe is that valuable).

Anyway: the big news that is keeping me up. America’s Test Kitchen started a blog type site, America’s Test Kitchen Feed, with FREE content! FREE. No subscription required! Granted, it does not contain anywhere near the wealth of recipes archived on or, but it’s FREE content that is actually GOOD. Better than good. All the time.

Please go there now. You can get free recipes for delicousness, like their Ultimate Banana Bread (I’ve made this. It definitely falls more under “cake” than “bread”, but you will not be sorry when this comes out of your oven). Or Everyday Cinnamon Rolls (if it was not 11:24pm right now, I’d make a batch. I might do it anyway). Oh, and I’ve made these Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Cherry Tomatoes, Olives and Feta also! Healthy Sunday dinner? Yes, please!

I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without knowing about The Feed. I’m still holding on to my subscription because it is my cooking lifeline, but if you’re not ready to throw in any money, test out a few recipes from The Feed.

*Note: America’s Test Kitchen has no idea who I am. I am simply so reliant on and impressed with their recipes that I absolutely must share this site with you. They don’t accept any sort of advertising so that they can keep doing unbiased, trustworthy product reviews, which is just another reason why I think they’re so great. So I’ll say it again: go check it out.


And of course, leave happier,



2 thoughts on “America’s Test Kitchen: The Feed

    • Wow – Hi Stephanie! Thank *you all* for making America’s Test Kitchen and The Feed so useful! I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t true: discovering Cooks Illustrated changed the way I cook and the way my family eats, so I’m looking forward to the new content from The Feed. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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