Forest Park Balloon Glow

Forest Park Balloon Glow

Kids like things that are giant. Kids like watching fire. Kids like balloons. Kids like staying up past their bed times.

And all this adds up to: My kids LOVED the Forest Park Balloon Glow!

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is this weekend, and it kicked off tonight with a Balloon Glow, where all the hot air balloons (more than 50!) are blown up but stay on the ground, and the operators run the burners now and then.


The parking was free. The entry was free. The fun was free!!

My little man was equally as excited by the three traffic/news helicopters buzzing around overhead, but he did enjoy the balloons and watching the fire. My girls were enamored with all the beautiful balloons, and my oldest desperately wanted to sit in a balloon basket.


I managed to stand firm against late night hot dogs, pretzels, and soda from the vendors, and even resisted all the glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia, so this fun and unique experience was 100% free!


If you’re in the Saint Louis area, tomorrow afternoon the actual race launches (schedule here) unless the weather is sketchy, then it will be postponed to Sunday.

Take advantage of the great, free, opportunities like this!

(Go America)



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