Spend Wiser, Leave Happier

Introducing… a new category! I’m calling it “Spend Wiser: Leave Happier” and it’s probably going to be a catch-all for everything that can contribute to a spending strategy beneficial for you and your family.

[Side note: I tried to title it “Spend Wiser, Leave Happier” but WordPress won’t let me put a comma in a category title. I’m honestly a little annoyed, but doing my best to let it go. End of my “I don’t understand computer programs” side note. ]

Anyway, it will be a lot more than coupons (although if I come across any good ones, I’ll certainly share). I’m hoping to include:

  • Smart DIYs (note *smart* DIYs, not the projects that take ten hours, end up costing WAY more, and are lower in quality than if you had simply purchased the finished product).
  • Product reviews, and particularly comparisons between premium and budget products in the baby/kid arena.
  • Budget and spending ideas – how to prioritize, how and when to say “no”, how to maintain responsible spending even with kids in house, etc.
  • Fun, low-cost activities, for everyone!
  • Great ways to give back (yes, I think giving is an important part of a successful money strategy), and how to get your kids involved!

So keep your eyes open for some ideas on how to get the most out of your income, and, sometimes, how to get the most out of absolutely nothing! This is going to be fun.


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