Honey and Olive Oil

My Natural Face Challenge

The truth about blogging: It just might make you do things you would not normally do.

For instance, me? I would not normally post an unflattering, completely bare, unpleasantly close-up picture of my face for all the world to see. And yet, that’s what I’m about to do. I think. Unless I change my mind again, which I’ve done about eight times already.

What could possibly motivate me to do such a thing in the first place? Science, my friends. Science.

I love food, and I’ve been freaking myself out lately by reading lots of articles about all the unnatural things going in and on and around and through our food (you know, your regular grocery staple stuff). I’ve nearly decided to go to all local raw milk; I make my own yogurt and bread now (because my husband told me he read an article that said bread can have wood filler in it and they don’t even have to tell you on the package); and something called “flavor packets” has nearly convinced me to only juice my own fruit instead of buying juice, even the “100% natural fresh-squeezed” variety.

And then I made the mistake of reading the back of my face wash bottle in the shower. What in the heck in the world in tarnation is all that stuff? And is my face soaking it in? Yikes.

So I started researching natural face wash, and eventually came across the Oil Cleansing Method. There are lots of blog posts about it pretty much everywhere, but I landed at Crunchy Betty, and Crunchy Betty convinced me to give it a try.

So here it is, my natural face wash challenge. For the next two weeks (minimum) I’m locking away all face wash and face moisturizing products (except sunscreen). I’ll be using pure, raw honey to wash in the morning, and the Oil Cleansing Method to wash and moisturize at night. I’m going to start with the 75% castor oil and 25% extra virgin olive oil mix (incidentally, the same olive oil I emulsified into my hummus the other day), and go from there. And we’ll just see how it goes.

So are you ready for the before picture? I read that the Oil Cleansing Method (also referred to as “OCM” by those on the inside) can be great for acne prone skin, but I don’t actually have much problem with that. My problem is classic “combination skin”, and pores. Visible, clogged, porey pores. I’ve tried facials. I’ve tried every “pore minimizing” product available. In high school, I even tried those pore strips that were basically very sticky glue or tape that you smushed on your nose and then ripped off, which was supposed to somehow remove the junk in your pores without ripping off the top layer of skin. High school makes you do ill-advised things.

Yes, I was stalling just now with that paragraph. But now I’ll stop. This is my freshly washed (with my old method) shiney clean field of pores face.

Before Face

I know, you’re going to be nice and say it’s not as bad as I think it is. This is partly because I currently am not in possession of the camera lens I need for true close-ups, and I’ll freely admit it could be a lot worse, but you can see the pin-dot pores covering every square inch, right? And if tossing all my chemicals and switching to honey and oil can improve my skin (and maybe even overall health – who knows what we’ll find out about those chemicals in 50 years), then why not give it a try? I’m also pretty sure it is going to be cheaper, but I still have to work out the numbers after seeing how far honey and oil go.

But if you’re not ready to give it a try, then check back here because I’ll be posting my findings and results as I go along!

To honey, and to castor oil, and to good old EVOO… perhaps they’ll have me leaving happier.

Wish me luck – I’m about to go slather my face with honey,



It’s not time for “after” pics yet, but I thought I’d give a quick report on my first oil cleanse. I have to admit, I don’t see any noticable difference, but even a few hours after cleansing, my face feels softer than it has in ages. Like, amazingly soft. I’m not going to the realm of “soft as a baby’s bottom” just yet (I’m deep into my third stretch of diaper changing – I have a pretty good reference point for that metaphor), but the difference between yesterday and today (or pre-oil cleanse and post-oil cleanse) is obvious. I like the direction this is going…


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