Jewel Box Lilly Pads

Primates and Lily Pads

The facts of yesterday:

1. It was a beautiful day, weather-wise.

2. Looking at the computer on a beautiful day, weather-wise, is always a struggle for me. It really seems such a waste of my eyeball power.

3. My kids were flying off the handle, all the handles. They weren’t being particularly bad, at least not on purpose, but it was like I had transported three wild orangutans from the jungle directly into my living room. The thing about wild orangutans is that they have no concept of how to respect an indoor space, particularly lamps.

Clearly, the only thing to do was round everyone up and take them on a three mile walk. This is my solution to many things.

A visit to the Jewel Box (my oldest has been wanting to go since she caught a glimpse of the building at the Balloon Race a few weeks ago) was the carrot I held out to incentivize them into their shoes and sun hats, and off we went.

The Jewel Box is surrounded by gardens, and in the front is a series of three low ponds bursting with lily pads in many colors. My kids love that flowers grow out of and float on top of the water, and I have to admit, I agree. It’s neat!

Purple ones…


Pink ones…


[Side note: Do you see the spider web? What kind of spider lives in the middle of a pond? I was under the impression they didn’t really like water. Hmm.]

And this lovely bright white one…


It’s a good thing we had so much fun in the gardens, because the inside of the Jewel Box was a bit of a disappointment. The last time I was there (many years ago), it was a veritable jungle inside with tons of neat plants and flowers, but apparently they spent millions of dollars on a big renovation, clearing out the majority of the floor space in order to use it for events. Now it’s just a climate-controlled clear building with some plants around the perimeter, which is nice for an event, I guess, but not so exciting for my kids. Next time we’ll go enjoy the gardens outside, and skip the inside – I know a $1 entry fee is not expensive, but it was still a waste of a dollar.

So if you find yourself in the company of a group of primates today, get them outside, if at all possible, and use your eyeball power for something a little more worthwhile! You’ll all be happier for it.


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