No Running

Disappointed. To The Max.

I’ll just admit it: I’m pouting. About two weeks ago I must have tweaked a muscle in my leg during my long run (13 miles!), because the next day my recovery run was only so-so, and the day after that walking was ill advised. I took a couple weeks off running, hoping at least to recover in time for the race even if it meant a less than stellar time due to lack of training, but it seems that the problem is made worse by walking up and down stairs and picking up anything that weighs more than ten pounds, and incidentally, I live on the second floor and all three of my children weigh much more than ten pounds.

So, end result: I’m scratching what was to be my first half-marathon and second running goal.

I repeat: I’m pouting.

But I try really hard not to be a “do as I say, not as I do” parent, so here is my attempt to talk myself out of my pout.

In 13 weeks of training, I:

1) Ran more than 220 miles.

2) Ran my first-ever sub-7-minute mile (only one, but it’s something).

3) Went from a 3-mile-run time of just over 33 minutes to a 3-mile-run time of 24 minutes.

4) After having 3 children in 5 years, returned to my pre-first-baby weight and pants size.

5) Feel better than I have in about a decade (minus the leg injury thing, of course).

So these are all good things. Great things, actually. It would have been super fun to show off to myself (ok, and my friends and family also) what I’ve accomplished in training  and maybe see if I could push just a little more, but it’s only one race on one day. Missing the race doesn’t mean I’m not going back to training as soon as I can, and it doesn’t negate all the positive things above.

I did waste a bunch of money on a non-transferable race registration, and for that, I’m still pouting. Does anyone want to illegally take my number for a half-marathon this Sunday? I’ll come out and cheer for you, because I’m not pouting anymore. Or at least, not as much. : )


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