Things That Make Me Go “Hmmm”

1) Twenty hours in a car with a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 1-year-old.


2) Aluminum in our deodorant. What if it really is contributing to the rising prevalence of Alzheimer’s? Is history going to compare our desire to smell flowery or fresh or spicy with Rome’s desire for the convenience of lead pipes and cookware?

3) I still wear deodorant. When in Rome…

4) Twice in the last couple weeks I have mixed up “flour” and “flower” when writing. Can my brain actually turn itself off?

5) Hammer Pants. And the fact that I wore them once.

6) A recent issue of the Oprah Magazine, with the tag line “Live Your Best Life”, was 230 pages long, and 75 of those pages (about 1/3 of the magazine!) are 100% advertisements for clothes, accessories, makeup, and diet foods. But who’s going to flip through a 230-page magazine? You might make it through the first half, I guess. In the first half, 54 pages (nearly half!) are these advertisements. So this is what I need to live my best life? I might have to politely disagree, O Mighty Oprah.

7) Hokey but unapologetic early 90’s pop references.

8) In the mind of a preschooler, “knife-er-ing” dough makes more sense than “cutting” dough.

9) The Mall.

10) The smell of The Mall.

11) The point of The Mall.

12) Highschoolers and beyond in not-Halloween-costumes pilfering candy at my door.

13) Memories. The ability to recall, not to recall, or to recall with serious intentional or unintentional deviations from the facts, often for our own well-being.

14) Bikinis.

15) Boys + Dirt.



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