Cheap Sally

On The Cheap

If you’d like to get your little act of kindness out of the way for today, I have a super easy, super quick, super easy — and did I mention super quick? — little task that will spread light and love to all corners of the earth in two clicks of a mouse button.

Yes, I am prone to exaggeration. Why do you ask?

The truth: I’m in a contest on Cheap Sally and the winner gets the job of Guest Blogger For A Year. The second round of voting started today, and I NEED your vote to move on to the final round! There is no registration, sign-in, log-on, or revealing of your email address in any way – simply click my link below and click “vote for me” on my profile page. Even if you vote EVERY DAY (please?), that’s a total of 60 mouse clicks. That’s what… a minute of work? You can do it!

Cheap Sally

Click to vote for me in the Cheap Sally contest!

 I’m really excited about this, 1) because the guest blogger job for a year pays quite well for that year, which would be so helpful, and 2) because I would be able to share some more “Spend Wiser, Leave Happier” ideas with the Cheap Sally audience.

Thank you so much for voting! I hope you’re enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling you got from doing something so helpful. Come back tomorrow… pretty soon you’ll be addicted to the warm fuzzy feeling like a runner to endorphins (which, I’m pretty sure, is not actually bad).


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