Walking The City Streets

We live in the city, with young kids.

[Side note: we don’t own an SUV or a minivan, either. We have three kids properly restrained in car seats in the backseat of a Camry. Go ahead: call us crazy.]

I’ve never lived within the city limits of any other big city, let alone with young kids, but Saint Louis is a great city for families. We’ve only been here a short time and still have oodles of things we want to see and do with the kids, but you can see under the “Take Me to Saint Louis” heading in the right sidebar just a few of our initial Saint Louis family favorites.

There are a host of questions commonly asked by non-city dwellers when they hear we live in the city, but one of the ones that really makes me laugh is about vegetation: “Aren’t you going to miss the grass and the trees?”

Ummm… No. Because the term “concrete jungle” does not depict actual reality, at least not in Saint Louis. Many of the houses in our part of town are more than a hundred years old, which means many of the trees on these streets are about a century old as well. 

We actually live on a street with a lot of rehabbed houses, but still, they kept as many trees as possible, and I totally appreciate the effort, especially in the summer when we’re desperate for the shady walks, and in the fall, when the stunning colors brighten up everything and make the bitter chill in the wind seem like more bark and less bite.


Street after street of georgous Autumn gilding.


Are you wondering why my little Mister is always walking away in the pictures?


One, I think there’s something a bit magical about pictures like that, with a young life heading down a long path, an unknown but inviting future set out in front of them. But I can also admit that one can have entirely too many pictures of the backs of heads. No, this isn’t all my doing; it’s that my little man has decided it’s beyond funny to turn around every time he sees my camera. Look, he’s actively hiding!


Little does he know he’s enabling me in my romantic attraction to “walking away down an unknown path” pictures.


2 thoughts on “Walking The City Streets

    • Thank you! There was a short time of really neat sunlight reflecting around as some storm clouds rolled in. I was hoping it would last for more than a few pictures, but those grey clouds were so fast – they conquered the light in a matter of minutes. Oh well – I’m happy with what I got!

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