Homemade Rosemary Focaccia

Bread is getting a bad rap lately. Low carb diets and a sudden onslaught of gluten intolerance has it blacklisted in many households, and if you’re one of those households having to reinvent this staple, well, I hope you’re having success! We tend torwards the principal of moderation in my house, because even though we don’t have any allergies, I do believe that a diet high in white flour and simple carbs is not good for nutrition or energy, which is why a perfect pillowly loaf of homemade focaccia is an extra special treat.

I’m doing my best to stick to a bread-making schedule with our whole wheat sandwich loaf, because bread is one of those food items that usually requires a slew of preservatives to get it from the industrial oven to your table, and the smell and taste of homemade bread simply cannot be rivaled by the prepackaged substitute.

But for a super special sandwich, or a super special dinner side, or a super special Sunday (or a plain old Sunday, really), I turn to this Rosemary Focaccia from the geniuses at America’s Test Kitchen.


Crispy, chewy, airy, pillowy, rosemary-y… I could eat a whole loaf of this with a good bowl of soup or a nice cheese and be perfectly satisfied with my day. It takes a little planning because a lot of the great flavor is due to a biga — dough starter — that has to rest for at least 8 hours after you stir it together. But overall, it’s not a difficult bread, and the result is more than worth the wait.

Get the full (FREE) recipe here from The Feed:

Rosemary Focaccia Recipe from The Feed

If you want a “wow” bread for your Thanksgiving table, give this focaccia a try (you might want to run a test batch this week, you know, “just to make sure it turns out well”).


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