A Boy and His Cat

My little man — his sisters call him “Mister” — met a kitten on Thanksgiving. He always gets very excited about watching animals, but prefers to keep his distance.

Once we were watching a horse in a field (from the safe side of the fence) and when the horse on a whim picked up and loped toward us Mister turned around and ran inside (not behind) a nearby bush, refusing to come out until the horse had meandered off.

Anyway, this kitten was so smitten with my equinophobic toddler that he was soon won over.


Mister and Smitten Kitten spent the whole afternoon together.


They rode tractors together.


Commiserated about the trouble with sisters.


Smitten Kitten even let Mister pick him up and carry him around. Repeatedly!


I’m fairly certain this is not normal. But do you know what my favorite thing about this snuggly, calm, not-prone-to-scratching-your-eyes-out little ball of fur and purs was?


He (she?) does not belong to us.

Does that make me a cold-hearted stump of a mom? Because I can meditate on the unbelievable cuteness of these pictures and I’m still happy there are no pets in our house. It’s not like I’ve made it always winter and never Christmas here. I just don’t like to share my living space — my couch, my bed, my kitchen counters, my unscratched rugs — with animals. At least, not any but the toddler variety.

I know pets have proven to lift spirits in hospitals and nursing homes, but our pet-free house isn’t all gloom and doom. In fact, I think my kids are pretty happy here, all sans dander and fleas. Are all you pet owners and lovers out there prepping your rotten eggs and tomatoes? Don’t worry – I love that you have pets!

That way we can come visit and play and I don’t have to get any of my own. : )


3 thoughts on “A Boy and His Cat

  1. What adorable photos! I agree with you…it is really nice when the pets belong to someone else. Sadly, our house is THAT house–filled with dog hair and dander dust no matter how often I clean. Our daughter is an animal whisperer, and if there is a stray within a 20-mile radius of our home, they come to us. We now have two pups, two cats, two guinea pigs, six chickens (we live in a subdivision, not a farm), and a multitude of fish. Our newest additions are lizards–she actually found a Bearded Dragon hatchling at our son’s soccer game, which is not native to SC! Our house is crazy and messy, but very fun. (The kids also ride, and she’s been begging for a horse…NOT happening.) And by the looks of your cutie boy–I think there’s a pet in your future…someday! ;-)

    • You know, I kind of like the idea of keeping some chickens — outside the house, of course — fresh eggs would be nice! Do you think there’s an ordinance against chicken coops inside city limits? And I definitely agree with you – no horses! They require way too much babysitting.

      • Chickens are fabulous! Honestly, you can never be in a bad mood if you have chickens–unless one escapes and you lose two hours of your life searching the forest and neighbors’ yards for it. Yeesh. (Happy ending, she was safe.) Many cities are allowing small backyard flocks–it just depends on your city. We’re not in city limits, but the city closest to us just passed an ordinance allowing up to six hens, with neighbors’ permission. You just need to check your ordinances. My daughter is “chicken mama,” and loves her girls–plus, she’s completely responsible for them. Highly recommend! (And I’m sure a horse is in our future–but right now, we just partially lease a horse at the stables where the kids ride. Much less expensive and easier.)

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