Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’m cold basically all the time.

That’s not true. I’m cold basically all the time from October to April.

I love living in a place with definite seasons that change on schedule because there is always something to look forward to and even the seasons I may not like as well just make the coming of the following season that much more exciting. But of all the seasons I love, I love winter the least.

Besides the fact that I’ll be wearing 14 layers and a hat and mittens 24/7 for the next five months (because I refuse to turn the heat up too high and pay extra for what a couple sweaters can do), winter also means a hiatus from our weekly trips to Soulard Farmers’ Market. In the other more accommodating three seasons of the year, we visit the market for everything from organic and local produce to free range eggs, hand-made soaps, absolutely divine goat cheese, local honey, and thick cut hickory smoked bacon. Not to mention the fresh-fried mini donuts. Sadly, now that winter has staked its claim most of my favorite vendors are closed up until Spring. However, on our last visit I was able to load up on the last crop of bell peppers (super cheap), which meant a vat of Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup:


And a couple bags of winter squash, two of which were cast to play a scrumptious supporting role in our dinner this evening:


Oddly, I was out of pine nuts, so the couscous stuffing was missing those as well as the raisins (family preferences), but this was a warm, healthful, filling side dish none the less. I loved it and my 4-year-old loved it, and the other members of my family who are often skeptical about squash enjoyed it (except for my 3-year-old, who is an absolutely hopeless case when it comes to vegetables, but even she managed a few bites).

Get the recipe from The Feed (by America’s Test Kitchen) here: Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stock up on winter squash and give it a try!


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