DIY Pop-Up Cards

One of my goals for this year is to send more real actual cards. Sure, a facebook “Happy Birthday” is better than nothing, but it’s nothing compared to a real actual card in the mail.

I like creating and writing cards, but when I’m stumped for a new idea or my kids need a project, I head over to Robert Sabuda and we make a pop-up card!

These cards are so neat! They are simple but always work and the directions are very clear. Most of them are quite small when printed the size given on the web site, but if you are going to mail them it works out because they fit in a regular envelope. (This one is supposed to have 4 candles, but we’re sending it to a new 3-year-old, so we cut one off!)


When we are going to hand-deliver one, I usually copy the images and paste into an office program to enlarge them a bit before printing. I enlarged the birthday cake about 40% and each image still printed on a single sheet, but it would probably need a square envelope (and extra postage) if you were going to mail it.


My 3 and 4-year-olds do the coloring and even most of the cutting, depending on the design.

There are lots of fun designs on the Robert Sabuda web site; we’ve made this angel and Christmas tree, and I have my eye on the butterfly for my daughter’s birthday. You could even use them for fun invitations!

And the mouth pop-up is pretty simple… fun thank-you cards?

This is such a great project, I almost have a hard time believing they are offered for free!


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