Almond Flour Pancakes

My family does not follow any cool diets. We’re not gluten free, traditional, primal, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or even red-meat-free. We eat dairy, and nuts, and every once in a while, we have a special dessert. We do have a few food rules: we don’t eat out for regular meals, and we cook real, whole foods, avoiding pre-processed, pre-packaged, pre-prepared food look-a-likes as much as possible.

While I don’t have anything against grains personally, I have been on a bit of a quest lately to find more high-protein, low-sugar breakfasts for my kids, because every time I get lazy and let them have raisin bran or some similar cereal for breakfast, they start complaining that they’re hungry about twelve minutes after breakfast is over.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Elena’s Pantry (gluten-free and paleo friendly recipes galore), and decided to try these Silver Dollar Pancakes.

In a word: DELICIOUS.

In a few more words: My kids and I were all happy with these. My kids started out being skeptical, what with all the experimenting I’ve been doing with their breakfast lately, to the point that when I told my oldest I was making pancakes, she asked: “Are you making regular pancakes?” and my 3-year-old chimed in, “Because we only like the regular pancakes.”

Obviously I ignored them, and mixed up a single batch of the recipe. I made the recipe exactly as written, using the honey option instead of agave. Many of the comments on this recipe on Elena’s site mention trouble with burning the pancakes, but I didn’t have this problem. I do think it is important to keep them small in order for them to cook all the way through, and to lower the heat a bit. (This is probably not useful, but to give you an idea, on my highly inconsistent electric stovetop burner I usually cook wheat pancakes on a 6 or 7, and these I preheated the pan on 5 and cooked on 4.)


[Side note: These pictures are so dark because it was dark when I made these pancakes, because it was dark when my children woke up, because it is always still dark when my children wake up. Whining? Who’s whining?]

My (clearly opinionated) 3-year-old did mention while she was on her third or fourth pancake that they “taste a little bit like a nut when I’m chewing,” but this did not make her like them less. The texture cannot compare to a featherweight-white-flour-buttermilk-melt-in-your-mouth pancake, but they still fall solidly in the “light and fluffy” category, and I actually enjoyed the bit of extra chew.


The only downside to me is the cost. Almond flour is just ridiculously expensive, and since I ended up making a second batch, this breakfast went through 3 cups of almond flour. That’s probably an $8 or $10 breakfast. But now that I know they work and my kids like them, I might experiment with using half almond flour and half wheat flour, and of course I can simply make less pancakes and add a bigger serving of fruit or yogurt to their breakfast.

This is definitely a fill-you-up breakfast. Try it, enjoy it! (And thanks, Elena!)

Recipe: Almond Flour Silver Dollar Pancakes from Elena’s Pantry


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