MCP Project 12: Resolution

If you enjoy digital photography, you should check out MCP Actions. Founder Jodi has a great blog with tutorials and (duh) lots of actions for different editing programs, some of them free! When you don’t have a lot of time or a lot of spare brain power, the right actions can make editing your pictures enjoyable instead of stressful and frustrating and discouraging, especially if you’re like me and some days you look at the pictures on your camera and wonder why you even took the lens cap off that day! Actions aren’t going to save pictures that are horribly lacking in proper exposure or focus, but they are fantastic at helping you bring out what you like about a photo, and minimize what might not be so great. It’s like a properly fitting piece of clothing: accentuate the good.

MCP Actions also has a photography challenge going on: MCP Project 12. They announce a theme at the beginning of each month, and you bust out your camera and go in search of moments that relate to that theme.

January’s theme is: Resolution. Here’s my pic:


I assume with this theme there are going to be lots of pictorial representations of New Year Resolutions, but I really like this picture. A toddler has as much resolution as anyone else on the planet, and they don’t mess around or wait for a new calendar year; when they want something, they go for it, and all we have to do as parents is channel that determination into good things (easy, right?). Do you think if he stares at the next rung long enough he can catapult up there? With his sister’s help, it just might happen…

This was a very simple edit. I ran MCP Actions Mini Fusion (the free version). I liked what it did with the color, but it was a little too much so I reduced the saturation slightly. I really wish the frame was wider — I’d like to see more of his sister’s face, his tip-toe stance, and the ladder above — but kids move so darn fast! The picture I end up with is almost never the one I imagined when I clicked the shutter button. Oh well, I think it still gets the point across.

If you need an excuse to keep shooting, join MCP Project 12 and take a Resolution picture for January!


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