Love Notes

Do you know the problem with a little blogging hiatus? The longer you go without posting, the more difficult it is to break the ice again.

It’s like a late thank-you note. You have every intention of writing the thank-you note, and when it gets to be a few weeks after the event, sure, sending a thank-you is still better than not. But eventually you reach the point of no return, and start to feel like the rudeness of the extreme tardiness of the thank-you outweighs the kindness behind the actual thank-you, and you think you might be better off simply not admitting you ever had the intention of sending the thank-you.

Can you tell that follow-through is not always a strong point with me?

It’s not that I haven’t been writing — there are about a dozen posts in my “drafts” list right now — it’s just that I’m not impressed by any of them, which means you will likely have no interest at all.

So to avoid the awkwardness of breaking back into posting, I’m letting my 5-year-old take over the blog today. She is a natural at sharing love. Her current preferred method is the written note (which might have something to do with her current joy at being able to write). This is one of my favorites, which I found taped to the door of my bedroom:

IMG_4304To the whole family I love you

That’s a self-portrait. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with the mouth/mustache, but all in all, it’s a pretty good likeness of her.

These smiley hearts showed up taped to the front door the other day:


There are actually about a dozen of them. They all have various levels of rapturous smiles and curly hair.

And then this one I found taped to the outside of the downstairs bathroom door (we go through a lot of tape at our house) and it might be my favorite, even though there are no illustrations:

IMG_4311 I love you Mr and Mrs pie I really do love you

She randomly decided recently to call my husband and I “Mr and Mrs Pie” in notes instead of “Mom and Dad”, and our last name is not Pie. She thinks it’s funny. I agree.

If a 5-year-old can share some love this easily, so can we all; it can be as simple as “I love you I really do” and trust me, it will make a big difference.

Off to buy more tape,
Mrs. Pie


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