MCP Project 12: February

The themes for Month 2 of MCP Project 12 were “Love” and/or “Leap” (you can choose one or the other or both). I did an inexcusably poor job of shooting anything on purpose with these themes in mind, but yesterday I ended up with this one, and I think it fits the “Love” bill just perfectly:


Why do you think so many of the “Love” submissions this month are pictures of children? Because when one of yours comes up and snuggles her little chin into your leg and is perfectly content to lie there in a nice February sunshine square, there isn’t really anything else you can be feeling.

Speaking of kids, I think my 5-year-old should get an entry also. She snapped this picture of her little sister fiercely protecting her toddy bear. The focus is off a little, but still, that’s a mighty good “Love” capture.


There are still a few days left in February and many months left in MCP Project 12 – jump in and get your camera clicking!


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