Project MCP: March Challenge #3, Transition

The original MCP Project 12 photography challenge from MCP Actions for which I posted a couple submissions (here and here) has changed a little for March. Instead of one theme or challenge for the month, Project MCP will post several challenges at the beginning of each month, and as the photographer you can pick and choose which challenges you want to take on throughout the month. The challenges for March can be found here.

My first photo this month is actually the Project MCP March Challenge #3: Express the following word in a photo: Transition.

My lovely daughter gave me the perfect photo opportunity by ousting her first baby tooth! It might seem insignificant, but don’t try to tell her it’s not a major step in the transition to being a grown-up! (Seriously, I really wouldn’t try to tell her. She’s not afraid to debate you.)

First Tooth

If you still need a reason to pick up your camera, there have been hints of some giveaways from Tamron popping up sometime during the challenge…


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