Paleo Breakfast Bread

Our quest for high-protein, keep-you-full, and kid-approved breakfast items continues. This morning we tried the Paleo Breakfast Bread form Elana’s Pantry. The official verdict was pronounced by my 3-year-old, our pickiest eater: “I love love LOVE this! We should have it often.”


They liked it for many reasons. First, it was quick to prepare and bake, which is a MUST in the morning. My kids do not wait for breakfast (or, if they have to, it involves an unbearable amount of whining about how the bears growling in their tummies are going to eat their way out if they have to wait much longer.)

Second, the flatter bread reminded them of eating brownies.


Actually, maybe you could add a little cocoa powder to these and have a tasty nut butter chocolate bread. Hmmm…

Third, they tasted delicious (duh).


And the breakfast of Paleo Breakfast Bread and strawberries must have been somewhat filling because I didn’t hear a single hint of a request for a snack until almost 9:30am, which might be a record for my bunch of early risers.


This is one of those rare recipes that will go directly into our regular rotation without any tweaking. Thanks again, Elana!


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