Project MCP: High Vantage Point

I don’t know how people take photographs without kids around. My kids are always the ones that create the photo opportunities in my house, not me.

One of the four possible challenges for March in Project MCP is Challenge #1: Take a picture from a high vantage point, from above your subject. This time it was my son who prompted the photo, by falling asleep on the stairs. Nope, I’m not kidding, and he isn’t simply stopped there or playing “surprise” (which he does a lot). He is actually sleeping quite soundly.

At first I took a few pictures from his level and lower, nearly on the floor, and wasn’t happy with how they looked. I’m glad for Project MCP, because it made me think, Of course! I should try going a few stairs above him and shooting down! Probably that should have occurred to me without the challenge, but sometimes my brain is really quite slow.

The Napping Stair

I’m glad he was on the bottom step so I could get above him for the picture, and I didn’t have to worry about him falling! Do you think if I show him this picture it will help illustrate to him why it is important that he actually sleeps when I put him in his bed for a nap?

No, I didn’t think so either.

At least the picture is good for a chuckle.

I’m feeling pretty good about my efforts for March – two challenges met already (my “Transition” photo is here). Although picking up my camera is starting to turn into a bit of a compulsion… I might need you to send help.

Click click,


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