Egg Carton Flower Wreath

When we lived in New England, I filled the long, grey, dreary months of March, April and sometimes May (jokingly called “Spring”) with bright and cheery springtime crafts: flowers and new grasses and rainbows and blue skies and sunshine and baby animals and warmth and renewal.


If the weather wasn’t going to cooperate, we could at least use crafting to bring a little Spring inside.

This year, we’re in the Midwest, and the flowers all bloomed and summer arrived before the calendar even officially ran out of winter.


But that didn’t stop me from pinning this bright and cheery egg carton flower wreath and saving several cardboard egg cartons for this recycled craft. I cut out various flower shapes here and there; my 5-year-old was able to help with that part and came up with some pretty good flowers!


When an afternoon thunderstorm chased us inside this week, we covered the table in paper and brought out the paints.


You don’t really need instructions for this craft, but here are a few details about ours if it helps you plan:

  • The background is just a ring cut out of a flat piece of cardboard and painted green.
  • Our wreath is about 12 or 13 inches across the outside because that is about how big the box that an album comes in and we have a lot of those. We fit 27 egg-cup flowers on it. We could probably squish on some more, but we were anxious to finish our project! You can make yours as big or small or full or sparse as you want.
  • We filled in with flat leaves cut from the egg carton lids. We could definitely have used some more leaves.
  • We used run-of-the-mill Crayola washable paints that I already had in the closet. I wish some of the colors were brighter; yellow and orange look a little dingy on the grey egg carton, even with two coats. If you insist on vibrant colors, you might want to brush or spray a layer of white on all the flowers first (or get better paints).
  • When everything was dry, we went to town with the hot glue gun.


My kids love any painting craft, and I think the end result of this one is really cute.


It worked well to let my older girls (5 and 3) paint the flowers, and have the 2-year-old in charge of the green wreath and leaves so we didn’t have to worry about him mixing all the colors and turning it all brown.


Happy Spring!


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