Pink Pancakes

It seems like a lot of posts around here lately are about food, but I think that’s ok. I am starting to think that the food we eat is the single most important factor in our physical health and well-being, and anyone who has ever had anything from a slight cold to a chronic illness knows that your physical health effects everything.

How difficult is it to care for the people you love or be creative with a headache? How much do you feel like playing with your kids when your sinuses are stuffed to the point you are *sure* your eyeballs will pop out at any minute? A little stomach bug can wipe your calendar clean for a week, and a simple lack of energy or focus can derail our best intentions. All of this is effected by what we eat.

So if your goal is to give love to your family, providing them with real food — food that actually nourishes and helps build them up physically and protects them from illness — should be a top priority. But just because food is a serious subject doesn’t mean it has to be drudgery. Shopping for ingredients, prepping meals, and family dinners should be (*gasp*) fun!

Enter Pink Pancakes.


I know it’s March and Spring and I should be turning all of our food green, but I feed two princesses. We like pink.

These almond flour Silver Dollar Pancakes are a breakfast staple in our house. Every now and then, I pick up a bunch of beets at the market and roast them all when I get home and pop them in the fridge.

1 Roasted Beet, pureed + Silver Dollar Pancakes recipe = Pink Pancakes!


Sadly, they’re not quite as fun once cooked because they still develop a browned exterior, but they stay bright pink (fuchsia? magenta?) inside! And my kids don’t mind the beet flavor at all. Or, if they do, they ignore it because they like pink foods.

Score one for real food.


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