Jersey Knit Bracelet By V and Co.

A while back, I pinned this Jersey Knit Bracelet Tutorial by V and Co., loving the simplicity and wondering if it might be doable for my 5-year-old crafter. The chance locating of a long-lost jersey ruffled scarf that had long ago lost its ruffle came together with a grey and dreary day to provide us with just the crafting opportunity to find out.

The bad thing about crafting on grey days? Grey pictures. But that didn’t stop my daughter. We watched the video instructions once, then I started her two-finger weave with the first two loops, and she took it from there.

That’s a two-finger weave on 5-year-old fingers – she had no problem at all!


After a few moments of concentration, she had a long enough braid for her bracelet and I showed her how to tie it off.


Now, you might be thinking, “the 5-year-old got it, but her 3-year-old sister back there clearly lost focus during the video.”

Au contraire, mon ami! I just wasn’t able to get them both started at the same time. Once I did get her started weaving her fabric strip, she almost caught up to her big sister.


That’s a 2-finger weave on three-year-old fingers.


And she’s the accessory princess of the family, so she was definitely pleased with her results.


My oldest sat down and immediately started, weaved, and tied off a second bracelet as a gift. Then her sister finished another as well, so with the one I made as a test, we had five new fun free bracelets (and half of an old jersey scarf) in about 20 minutes. This little project was just new and complicated enough to get their attention, and just quick enough to keep them satisfied with real results. Perfect!


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