Do you follow any of those bloggers who seem perfectly capable of successfully maintaining their blogs while weathering major life events? They blog through having babies and moving houses and changing jobs and writing books and going to school and climbing mountains and saving the polar bears and righting the earth on its axis.

I am not one of those bloggers.

If I find myself pregnant, buying a house, wallpapering a dining room, moving the family, and being plunged into the pit of quicksand that is childhood food allergies, all during a 100+ degree summer (as I did this summer), something else has to go. It did not seem prudent to abandon my actual paying job or stop feeding my children, and I tried not sleeping for a while but that’s just not fair to the people who have to live with me during the day, so a blogging hiatus it was.

And honestly, not that much has changed. The wallpaper is finished and the weather is cooler, but a 3-month-old is actually more time consuming than being super pregnant, not only because you have to actively feed them and what not, but because they distract you so often with those ridiculous eyes and smellable head and double chin.


I still have an actual job that will likely stop paying me if I stop doing the work, and I still spend a large portion of every day mired in the logistics of feeding a growing family without any help from any restaurants, anything pre-prepared from the store, any sugar, and most notably, any pizza, homemade or otherwise.

So really, I have no more time than before for obsessively editing pictures and writing and rewriting posts until they sound as witty and insightful as I imagined them in my head, let alone finding and pinning only projects that are simultaneously functional, affordable, fun, and easy; and dropping one-line updates on facebook that instantly make you happier and turn your whole day around. But sometimes I have things I just want to write down, so I’m going to try something new in blogging: moderation.

I know posting once a week (or month?) or so is not going to create a blogging sensation, and it turns out I actually don’t care. I just like having a place to write and share, so that’s what I’m going to do, sans pressure for being prolific, and I’m going to abandon any attempt at being witty because it’s probably a lost cause anyway.

Also, a friend asked me for something other than pink pancakes on the blog, and I think she’s great, so I promise to post enough to at least remove the pink pancakes from the front page. : )

Meanwhile, I’ll be seeing if I can apply this “moderation” idea to enough other areas of my day in order to free up enough time for another post.


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