Like a Cold Drink on a Hot Summer’s Day

The facts are such:

  • It’s summer.
  • I’m in Saint Louis.
  • I wait until my kids are in danger of evaporating  right before my eyes before I turn on the AC.
  • The kids and I spend a lot of time outside.
The logical conclusion to these facts: Cold Drinks Required. In Abundance. All Day.
No Exceptions.

There are some great insulated bottles and thermoses out there that promise to do just that: keep your drink cold all day long. If I had a whole bunch of different ones, I would do a side-by-side comparison test for you, but since I only have one, I went ahead and tested that one (because how disappointing would it be if you thought you were going to have a cold drink in the middle of a hot afternoon in the park and instead you got a mouthful of steam?).

The Trial

At 9:00 am, I mixed up some icewater, poured it into my Ecococoon bottle, and took the temperature with my instant-read thermometer: 33.3, a nice, cold number.


Then I put the lid on and abandoned my Ecococoon in my van, sitting in the sun, on a hot Saint Louis day. Not the hottest day ever, but I figured low 90s was an adequate proving ground for the test.


Bye bye, Ecococoon… I hope you make it.


At 3pm, I took my thermometer outside, released the steam from my van, took the top off the bottle, and took the temperature again: 37.8.


A rise of 4.5 degrees in six hours – not bad! I took a little taste test as well (carefully, because the outside of the bottle was wicked hot); a 37.8 degree drink is still delightfully cold.

I locked my Ecococoon in the van again and let it languish there for the remainder of the day. At 9 pm (ok, a little past 9 pm as my 9-month-old failed to cooperate about bed time), I rescued the bottle from my van, brought it into the house and took the temperature again: 48.6.


That’s a total rise of 15.3 degrees in 12 hours. Now, 48.6 is definitely not as cold as 33.3, but a 48.6 degree drink at the end of a day in the Saint Louis inferno is worlds better than a 90 degree drink at the end of said day. Also, I took a drink, and it was still delightfully cool.

And just to wrap things up nicely, I left my Ecococoon on the counter in my house (which, because I had refused to turn on the AC, was now hotter than my van that was cooling down more quickly after the sun set) and took the temperature at (approximately) 9 am the next morning: 56.2, a rise of 22.9 degrees in 24 hours.


I don’t think 56.2 really qualifies as a cold drink, but seeing as how it barely went below 80 in my house that night (I know, my poor family), I’m still impressed. Also, I did not put any ice in the bottle in the beginning, only ice-temperature water, so this was strictly the bottle insulation doing the work here.


The Ecococoon bottle really did keep a cold drink cold for a whole waking day (12 hours), and mostly cool for a real whole day (24 hours). Since it’s stainless steel, there was no leaching of whatever-plastic-is-made-of while it sat in the heat, and compared to buying drinks for my kids wherever we happen to be when they get thirsty, the price is a steal. Now I have to give my kids each one of their own so they stop fighting over mine!

Disclaimer: As you can see from this page, I am a local distributor of Ecococoon stainless steel cups and bottles, so you could say I sponsored this post. :) But the reason I became involved with Ecococoon in the first place is because I love their products, and the bottles really are that great; no temperatures were photoshopped in the making of this post, promise!


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