Dishware Jenga

The contributing factors to Dishware Jenga are such:

  1. There are five (almost six) eaters in my house.
  2. We don’t eat out (allergies, budget and what not).
  3. We don’t eat boxed food (preservatives, non-food ingredients and what not).
  4. I’m very bad at planning ahead so that multiple meals/components are completed in one prep session (no excuse whatsoever).
  5. I don’t have a dishwasher (because I’m not convinced they save that much time – am I totally off on this one? Feel free to weigh in.).

The result is a lot of dishes. Dishes in the sink, dishes on the counter, dishes on the table, and if I’m being completely honest, occasionally the floor. And even when I stay caught up on the dishes, the amount created in prepping, cooking, and serving one meal is usually more than my dish drainer can handle.

Which is why I’m now such a champ at Dishware Jenga.

Dishware Jenga

You can see that the keys to a successful round of Dishware Jenga are threefold:

1) At least one support wall in the form of a large cutting board or baking sheet.

2) Organization in the beginning, such that regularly-shaped and heavier dishes build the bottom foundation.

3) A steady hand for the tower toppers.

I know what you’re thinking: building the tower is only half of Jenga; the real challenge is removing the bits on the bottom without toppling the whole thing.

Don’t worry.  I accomplish that part every time I’m already on to preparing the next meal with a baby in one arm so I have neither the time nor the hands to put away the entire tower in order to get to the one measuring cup or spatula that I need that happens to be buried on the bottom of the stack.

So next time you have to do dishes, turn up some music (we currently have Sigur Ros — not as creepy as the new album artwork looks — on the turntable) and see if you can top my Jenga tower – leave no dish dirty!

Just don’t turn on the garbage disposal.


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