12/365: Trains, Trains, and Trains

Here we have a little guy totally and completely entrenched in a Train Phase. He wants me to drive as slowly as possible when we approach train tracks in the hope of getting stopped so he can sit and watch it. His favorite part of Disneyworld was riding the monorail from the parking lot to the park. We found a mini steam engine train not too far from us and made the drive out and paid the donation to take a ride through the park. He builds trains out of legos, trains out of blocks, trains out of shoes, trains out of books, trains out of food, trains out of boxes. He loves trains.

When he brought me this train to look at, he was very sad, and explained, “I wish I could ride on this train but it’s too small. I want Daddy to help me build a train in the backyard, one train like this and one train with a blue engine. And I’ll ride on the train and give all my friends rides on the train.”


Maybe a membership to the local Transportation Museum is in order, or some research into steam engines…


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