15/365: In Favor of Technology

On the surface, I might seem a little anti-technology. I just got my first smart phone a few weeks ago (although it has no data plan – I really only got it because it was cheaper to take hubby’s old phone than to get a new one when mine died after about 10 years of use). Our kids do not watch tv or play video games. They also believe that when a toy’s batteries run out, that’s it, it’s done. My laptop is about as old as my last phone. My car doesn’t talk to me, and I have to use an actual key to start it. My personal email address is at AOL.

Ok, maybe I’m not anti-technology so much as simply behind on technology, and that’s fine with me. I use the technology that is useful, and don’t care at all about having the newest gadgets. So it surprises me sometimes when I hear my kids playing and they incorporate “email” and “facebook message” into their play since they don’t actually use those things. It’s another reminder that kids are aware of so much more than we think!

And I do let them use technology when it’s useful. When Grandma and Grandpa retire to a boat and are currently 968 miles away, an iPad equipped with Skype is just the thing to stay connected. They were all riveted during the tour of the marina.


Maybe I’ll let them email addresses before they’re thirteen afterall. Twelve sounds good.


One thought on “15/365: In Favor of Technology

  1. I hope to keep a one tv and one computer rule in my home. I feel that kids today are getting gyped of using their own imagination. But I agree that I love technology that is useful to me, and as a navy wife Skype is very useful.

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