16/365: Winter Herbs

Today I am submitting what I believe is a truly awful photo. The first couple weeks of this 365 have taught me something very important about my house: it has *terrible* light in the winter, and I’m terrible at taking low-light pictures.

So I wanted this to be a lovely picture of a few sprigs of fresh thyme from my garden that are on their way to flavoring this scrumptious winter stew, because I love that the thyme and oregano do their very best to survive the winter for me and plucking some fresh herbs from an otherwise barren backyard can really boost your day.

Unfortunately my ugly kitchen light combined with my camera’s trend to blow out oranges and reds in low light and turn them oddly neon, meant this photo was everything except appetizing. But it’s the only picture I took for this day, so in the spirit of honesty, I will allow you to view it, briefly.


Luckily it tastes better than it looks.


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