18/365: Blue Santa

If I could reduce the stash of toys in our house down to five things, they would be:

1. Legos
2. Play dough
3. Balance bike
4. Play kitchen
5. Markers/crayons/paper

See, that was easy, and they won’t miss a thing! (not including the normal adult stuff they all use, like the piano and record player and real kitchen, etc). Seriously, toys (and specifically baby toys) are the biggest scam in the history of consumerism.

We pulled out the play dough and my girls spent nearly four straight hours with it. The majority of their time was spent in acting out cooking demonstrations on how to make the perfect calzones, enchiladas, croissants, and cookies. But then they took a quick break to craft Santa and his sleigh.


I was pretty impressed at their level of sculpting skill!


2 thoughts on “18/365: Blue Santa

  1. So true! My one year old played with his birthday balloon for days…beset $1 ever spent! Haha. And now he is perfectly content with a plain shoe box. Thinking of giving him a box of tissues wrapped in tissue paper and in a cardboard box for Christmas!

    • I love that – any of my kids would be happy to get their own box of tissues as a gift! :) A couple days ago they found holes in the seams of two stuffed animals and completely unstuffed them, finding 101 uses for the “fluff” the rest of the day.

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