20/365: Balloon Party

Did you know a helium balloon only costs about a dollar? It’s a good option for cheap entertainment on a cold, rainy day!

Today I had a bunch of balloons around in order to shoot this video showing how to make the ribbon net to turn a helium balloon into a hot air balloon.

[Notes about the video: 1) I’m a giant nerd and hate appearing in or on anything. 2) This nerdiness is quite apparent when I try to make a video. 3) It sounds like my children are tearing down walls and terrorizing each other in the background, but really they were just playing “Monster in Duplo Land” together.]

Anyway, the kids all stood by with bated breath until I was done with the video and released the balloons to their waiting hands. Kids plus helium balloons plus Bon Iver on the music player equals Balloon Dance Party.



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