50/365: E-Dult Spoons

What happened to days 47, 48, and 49, you ask? An invasive stomach bug, I answer. Now I have to say, I probably would not allow a 12-hour stomach bug to ruin my Project 365 streak, but a 12-hour stomach bug that hits my four kids, me, and then my husband on successive 12-hour blocks of time? Yep, that did it. Trust me, I could not possibly have taken a picture of anything you would want to see, so I’m just letting go of those three days and pretending like they never happened. It’s better for everyone.

And we return on day 50 with an e-dult spoon picture. My 3-year-old pronounces “adult” like “EE-dult”. For some reason, they think it’s super fun to use e-dult silverware instead of their kid-sized silverware, and the toddler has picked up on this. A kid-sized spoon is challenging enough for him; this e-dult spoon wasn’t really producing the results he wanted, but he refused to switch.




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