74/365: Madam President

I have terrabytes of pictures of her poised and smiling directly at the camera with her practiced picture smile. Those are nice.

But this face. For some reason, when she gives me this face, for a fleeting moment I don’t have a single worry about her future.

I know, you’re looking at it and thinking, “But that’s the face of a goofball. If I was you, I’d be worried.”

It might be the face of a goofball, but it’s also the face of someone who knows how to be happy, who knows what’s good in life. And if she doesn’t forget that, it won’t matter if she’s the president, or a baker, or a mom, or an entrepreneur, or a nun, or a teacher, or an engineer, or an artist… she’ll live a good life, and she’ll love well, and she’ll be happy, and others will be happy because of her.

I know, now you’re not only looking at it and thinking, “Goofball.” but you’re also wondering if I’m not just a little off my rocker for getting that paragraph from that goofball look.

We’re two peas in a pod, I guess.


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