82/365: Seven

When my firstborn was first born, I loved having a baby. But the thought of that baby turning into a toddler was terrifying. And when I was feeling nutty enough to contemplate that baby turning into a 6-year-old, or a 7-year-old, or a 10-year-old, I came away positively positive that I would never in a million years (let alone merely six or seven) be capable of parenting that child.

So of course I am stunned and thankful to have discovered that we parents, if we are willing, get to grow right along with our children, and although every day and every year still bring new challenges and new “teaching situations” for both of us, I couldn’t be happier to be the mom of this 7-year-old.



And yes, I did stuff seven candles in the top of an ice cream cone.

And yes, I still pretend like 14 is never coming.


2 thoughts on “82/365: Seven

    • Thanks, Jenn! I had almost given up on catching up with my Project 365 posts (I am so much better at taking the pictures than editing and posting them!) but your nice note has given me renewed energy to try… :)

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