85/365: Gallery

The vast majority of my photos involve my children, because the vast majority of my time involves my children. But I recently had the chance to point my camera at a different subject: art. I thought, “Art doesn’t move, wiggle, run away, make funny faces, require super fast shutter speeds and tons of light to get any sort of sharpness or focus… sounds perfect (and easy)!”

And while it was fun, it was not as easy as I thought it would be (which is probably obvious to anyone else who has ever photographed art). First of all, getting your camera square to a square/rectangle piece of art hanging on a wall, even on a tripod, is a lot harder than it sounds. Second of all, color cast is your worst enemy. Third of all, I was working with art that looked different from *every* angle, which on one hand was fun because the close-up and detail shots were very interesting, but on the other hand was frustrating because no single photo of each piece really captured what the piece captured.

Luckily, I was taking pictures for my brother-in-law and I have trained all friends and family members toward exceptionally low expectations when it comes to my photography, so I don’t think he was disappointed. And as much as I found the single piece shots frustrating, I really like the feel of the wide angle gallery shots.


You can find more info on the artist, Brian Prugh, and this installation, The Ocean is What I Meant By, on his web site: www.brianprugh.com.


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