92/365: Time and Memories

I know, I know. I am *hopelessly* behind on my Project 365 posts. But I’m not going to give up! The pictures are here, they just need to be edited and posted, so I’m going to try to get two or three up a day and see if I can catch up.

One of the reasons I’m so behind is because I keep getting to the end of the day and realizing I only have poor or mediocre photos to show, so I’m not excited about them, and when I’m not excited about them posting them suddenly goes to the bottom of the priority list. But that’s the point of the project, right? To see and accept where you are and work towards where you want to be, all the while enjoying the moments that are taking you from here to there. So I’m going to try to keep at it, one mediocre photo at a time.

Like this blurry little number. It does have value, in spite of being blurry. I made those baby doll beds with my girls. They picked out their fabrics and help me with the parts they could manage (the actual sewing was a little cumbersome, but they are fantastic at placing pattern, pulling pins, cutting thread, turning things inside out, and even threading the needle!). In this age of everything being seen, wanted, acquired, and discarded in record time, it’s really nice to be able to meet a desire (they just *had* to have beds/carriers for their new dolls) in a way that is thrifty, fun, and produces a unique result with a little bit of each of us in it. Yes, it took a lot more time than a quick trip to the store (or an even quicker online order), but I do hope that is time they will remember joyfully. I know I will.



The one redeeming factor in this picture is the toddler photo bomb. He just can’t stand to be left out of something the older kids are doing!


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