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FREE Printable Card: For Your Other Half

Can you tell I love cards? I know we all communicate more by email and text and flapping our wings and tweetering about these days, but that just makes finding a card in the mail (or in your desk or your lunchbox or your favorite book) that much more special.

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this year (with an unfathomably delicious meal from Niche, but that’s beside the point). The point is, we’ve been married for ten years; living in the same house for ten years. Sharing meals and dreams and vacations and bank accounts and closet space and OCD tendencies and a bathroom for ten years. And every day I’m more thankful than the last that we picked each other.

Have you ever noticed that peer pressure doesn’t end in junior high? It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone’s behavior is influenced to some degree (for better or for worse) by the people with whom they spend the most time. And we all play the chameleon to some extent, letting some aspects of our personalities be more dominant than others, depending on who we happen to be hanging out with at the time and what their expectations of us happen to be. We each have a whole bunch of slightly different versions of ourselves that travel in different circles.

I just happen to be my very favorite “me” when I’m hanging out with my husband; he brings out the best in me, and I hope you can say the same about your spouse. If you can, well, I think it’s a good thing to tell them once in a while. And lucky for you, here’s a card to do just that. There is plenty of space to add your own message – I think it would be great for an anniversary, or a “missing you” note, or just because! Actually, I think this could even work for a close friend or sister.

The Front:


The Inside:


The Printable File:

Download and print here, or click through to Scribd and print without downloading. Just put it on a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and fold into quarters.

An easy, fun, free way to give love in your house. Take advantage.

Baby Feet

Free Printable Card: Pregnancy Congratulations!

I have several good friends who are in the early stages of pregnancy, and if there’s anyone who deserves a little extra encouragement, it’s a new mother in the first trimester (or the second trimester, or the third trimester). Hopefully this card will remind them that fatigue and morning sickness are not for naught!



Here’s the printable PDF. Simply print on a full page (8.5×11) then fold in quarters.

As usual for these, you can download from here and print from your computer, or click through to Scribd and print without downloading first. Print, send, enjoy, and feel free to share! AND, I figured out how to make the PDF file better print quality, so the text is nice and smooth on this one!

Encourage the moms in your life!


Free Printable Card: For A Wedding

We had the good fortune to be able to celebrate the marriage of a great friend over the weekend, and it got me thinkin’ about wedding cards.

I love writing cards. And trust me, people love getting cards. I send them all the time, for any occasion I can think of, or no occasion at all. But very often, when there is an occasion that actually demands a card, I can’t think of a single good thing to say.

Luckily, just a couple days before this last wedding I stumbled upon this quote. Are you ready for it? Because I’m about to solve the biggest dilemma of all mankind: I’m going to point you to the meaning of life. Bet that’s more than you thought you were going to get on a Tuesday morning.

So here it is:

“The meaning of life is found in giving and receiving love…”

(quoted from Pope John Paul II)

Simple, right? And so obviously true. AND, what a great way to encourage a newly married couple!

So I put together this card, similar to the one I wrote out for my friends last weekend:


And a nice little prayer / best wishes on the inside, with plenty of room for your personal message:


You can download the PDF below, or click through to Scribd where you can print without downloading the file, if you’re terrified of the possibility of infested files eating your computer from the inside out, like I am. Just print on an 8.5 x 11 paper (nice paper, if you want) and fold into quarters. Easy peasy.


Well, now that we’re privy to the solution to one of the great philosophical, psychological, emotional, social, theoretical, ontological  (not to mention important) mysteries pondered by humans, I think we can go about our day, and leave happier, at that.

Give life meaning: give love.

~ Amber

Free Printable Greeting Card: You Are My Sunshine

When is the last time you received a card for no particular reason? I love getting cards, and I love giving cards. It’s an easy, but thoughtful, way to brighten someone’s day.

Here is a fun, casual, FREE printable greeting card so you can give love to someone in your life! Wouldn’t you like to find this in your lunch bag / briefcase / diaper bag / purse / coat pocket / rain boot / favorite book? (The card, not the child.)



It’s a full page PDF document, so you can download it and print it, or if you click through to Scribd you can print it without downloading, if you prefer. Once printed, simply fold it in quarters and slip it to someone you love!

Let me know if you have any problems with the download/print, since this is the first time I have tried this or used Scribd.

I hope this helps you spread love wherever you go this weekend!

Leave Happier,