108/365: The Balancing Train

Tegu blocks again! This is his current favorite design, which he titled The Balancing Train. And it does balance perfectly with just the right amount of magnetic help.



102/365: Violin in the Sun

We had one brief — so tragically brief — hint of Spring and sunshine recently, so naturally we spent just about the entire day outside. The kids started asking if they could play with some of their inside toys and instead of letting them go in, I let them bring all their toys out. So this one built a violin out of Tegu blocks and played me a concert on the front porch.


89/365: Big Sister

Do you know what my favorite thing about this photo is? It’s not his twinkling eye or outstretched hand or the fact that he loves that Tegu plane and he’s not afraid to show it. No, my favorite thing is the blurry hand in the foreground, both handing off the plane and carefully staying close enough to have a chance to catch it before it nosedives into the floor when (not if) it gets dropped. I love it because that’s the hand of Big Sister, and she’s doing her best to look after the interests of her little brother just because she can.


81/365: Tegu Express Train

It seems a lot of my pictures lately involve Tegu blocks. That’s one way I know a toy is worthwhile!

I think the concept for these trains was originally drafted by Daddy, but the kids have collaborated to expand the design. The triangle on the front is my favorite; it’s sole purpose is “to push animals off the track”, something little mister learned in a train book.